Roadmap 2.0

Inscription Farm and Mining Farm will be launched soon

YFIONE Roadmap 2.0

The YFIONE v2 Roadmap is bound to change as we make all necessary improvements and development to meet Modern day blockchain developmental standard.

2024: Q1-Q2

-Rebrand idea based on AI + governance. -Team voted to proceed. -YFIONE V2 community announcements. -Rebranding of Websites. -Rebranding of YFIONE platform to include AI -Introduction of new governance to platform. -YFO Token swapped announced. -New YFO V2 smartcontract created -V2 WhitePaper completed.

2024: Q3-Q4

-Announcement of new team members. -Partnerships and intense marketing. -YFIONE V2 token Fair-launch for platform liquidity. -Token distribution to old YFO's holders -Token distribution to New Fair-launch. -YFIONE AI+governance Platform launched -Listing on major exchanges -Token lock for 10 years on Dex. -AI, Staking, farming simulator + NFT items and Games introduced. -YFIONE ChatGPT blockchain version(Ask2earn)

2025: Q1 - Q2:

-Marketing and new year research. -YFIONE Ambassador's established. -YFIONE ChatGPT v3 upgraded. -Other marketing strategies and c -Update Roadmap for Q3 - Q4

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